Android smartphones have all the features required for a GPS Tracking System.

Being produced in millions the price of Android smartphones dropped to a point where they could be purchased by anybody.

The power problem can be resolved by plugging into a Power Bank.

Now, all that is required is a software application to convert the Android smartphone into a tracking device. It can track people - sales and service personnel . Or, vehicles. And, it provides the normal communication capability of calling and messaging.

If, you want precise location , it can use the GPS/Location function of the Smartphone.

The device has an Emergency button. If, it is with a van carrying valuable cargo or, cash on pressing the button , the Control Room / Supervisor can be notified. If, an elderly person has fallen at home , s/he can notify other family members for help.

It is’nt just a tracking device anymore. It could function as your eyes and ears for work. And family.

What is the cost of tracking ?

The user will purchase a mobile handset backed by manufacturer warranty. ( Indicative price of a Samsung dual sim mobile handset in India is Rs.5,000 with unbranded handsets available for as little as Rs 3,000 ) .

Propellex will provide an application on the phone at a price of Rs. 999/- for a single installation.

Depending on the requirement , Propellex will provide tracking + other services with MIS at Rs. 450/- per month. Minimum Quantity is 10 units .