Remote Genset Monitoring

All genset operators are familiar with the problems of running a high capital investment and labour intensive genset a long distance away from the controlling office

Fundamental Questions :

1.How much has the genset run ?

2.How much power has it produced ?

3.How much fuel has it consumed ?

4.“ One of my employees invited me to a grand feast ( lakshabhojan). When I attended, he received me with great honour because as he put it it : the banquet was only due to ‘my generosity’. That was when I realized he had been robbing me blind !

Finally, a solution – monitoring 14 critical genset parameters in real time !

Ability to view the History of Parameters

Most important, even fuel can be monitored

Capture key management information

1. How much time was the genset actually on ?

2. How many units of power were generated ( for billing purposes ) ?

3. HHow much fuel was filled ?

Critical Diagnostics

1.Was the RPM within acceptable limits ?

2.Were there any anomalies in the engine temp, battery voltage , oil pressure ?

Even before the service engineer visits the site, he will have a fair idea of what the problem is.

How much will the fuel sensor cost ?

It depends on the depth of the fuel tank

Remote Remote Genset Monitoring Unit Photo

Critical MIS Reports -1 :

How many Units generated per liter of diesel ?

Critical MIS Reports-2:

How many Liters consumed per hour ?

Most important, even fuel can be monitored

Remote Control

The ability to remotely

1. Start

2. Stop

3. Fault Reset

4. Change to Auto Mode

5. Refresh

is built into the solution.